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Throw Me a Bone: Another concern is that eggs are very allergenic. Please check out the hubs that I do have on them. Look at how long certain cats live in the wild. Cats like treats as much as people do but stick with cat food as the main staple in the diet.
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It is hard to get substantiated advice. Liver- Liver can be healthy for your cat only if you offer it in small portions. My cats name is gravy and he will not go away if I am eating anything with gravy he wants it also I had a cat that the only human food it would eat was bbq pringles lol ur cat will be fine just dont give the cheese its in excess

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Is it ok to feed cats cheez-its? | Yahoo Answers

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Love Me Some Cheez-It Snacks.

Lots of cats like lots of different kinds of people food. I've read that cats also enjoy the taste of antifreeze. My Simba would eat anything with a metallic or crinkly. Man, even I don't like Cheez-Its! My dog won't eat cheese, but she loves peas. One of our cats likes odd things like maple syrup on her catfood, crackers, pretzels, dog Note to self: Pupperoni does NOT taste like Slim Jim. There are certain human foods cats can eat. Check out this list of cat-safe foods from Animal Planet.
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My Cat eaten some salsa is that bad mean what is the side effects I need to know don't want my little buddies getting or hurt anything I moved so he reminds me of One of my friends and then when my friend reminds me of everyone. Your cat could eat and eat and eat, and nonetheless starve. It is hard not to give my cat samples of the things I am eatinghe loves it

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This is addition to the safety hazard of eating raw fish. I will send this to my husband. So, what foods can Fluffy eat safely off of the table? Thank you for subscribing! Fish Most cats love fish, and it can provide some much needed nutrients for them. It can be hard to resist spoiling your beautiful feline friend with a special treat from the dinner table.
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The whole hub is meticulously formatted and presentation is of par excellence. Misty has been spayed, and seems to plump up without trying. Grapes and Raisins- So many people myself included have given their pet a grape or raisin on occasion, but it's not a good idea and as soon as I found out, I stopped but that's just me.
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Am thinking of applying for Cheez-It brand do you think? Yesterday Aunt to happen? What human food does your cat sneak when you're not looking!? My cats love white cheddar Cheez-its. Also, I can tell you one way the staff can avoid having their food licked — eat like I do — straight out of the box!. They can't read the label or ingredients. It isn't like they are in the habit of passing up a fresh piece of salmon in order to get at that amazing dry. Lots of cats like lots of different kinds of people food. I've read that cats also enjoy the taste of antifreeze. My Simba would eat anything with a metallic or crinkly.
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