Norwegian forest cat vs maine coon

However because of their origin and their place of birth they are known for liking water. Unfortunately there is no data in this study for Norwegian Forest Cats. If you live in a warmer part of the world, your hardy outdoor loving cat may not develop such a thick and long coat as he would in colder climates. Characteristics Maine Coons vs. Like many cat breeds, Maine Coons and Norwegian cats are prone to a progressive heart norwegian forest cat vs maine coon called feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
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Norwegian Forest vs Maine Coon | Deciding which Cat Breed to buy! – Maine Coon Admirer

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Both breeds are intelligent and trainable, and are often described by their owners as dog-like in the way that they seek out human company. The Coon also usually has a happy looking face. Which supports the results from the English study.

Maine Coons vs. Norwegian Forest Cats

Most of the time Norwegian forest cat is being mistaken as Maine Coon. In this article, you will learn how to distinguish a Norwegian forest cat easily. Norwegian forest cat may be more expensive than Maine Coon cats specifically because they originate in the northern Europe and are adapted. If you are looking to add a giant kitty to your family look no further than the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Siberian Forest Cat or the Maine Coon.
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If you like the idea of a slightly more elegant large breed cat with a more regular feline features. Large cats are more prone to joint problems than smaller ones. Incase your savings do add up to a significant amount considers spending it on buying this as the experience will be worth it.

Norwegian Forest Cat Vs Maine Coon Origins

Maine Coons are notorious for their kitten-like playfulness while the Norwegian Forest cat is sort of on the lazy side. For families who love fluffy haired felines, these breeds are perfect. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Just like the Maine Coon, this breed is quite territorial. The Norwegian forest ca t and the Maine Coon are breeds of furry haired cat that you can consider. They have round fluffy ears and although their size might be intimidating for some people their attitude towards other people might make them loveable.
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The Norwegian Forest Cat has a triangular face. Your email address will not be published. Whereas there is a growing tendency to keep pure bred cats indoors.
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Our Norwegian Forest Cat size comparison and differences from the Maine Coon will help you tell these two stunning breeds apart and choose. When it comes to Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat both can make good pets but have some traits and characteristics that are different from each other. What Are the Differences Between Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats? Maine Coon cats and Norwegian Forest cats look very similar, and some experts .
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