Siamese cat lamp

The white glaze is somewhat less common than black. Back view siamese cat lamp the white owl. A great vintage TV lamp. Also found in white. Entire statue is approx 9. Any info will be appreciated. Or HOW to look?
Sunshine - Age: 31
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The light shines through their eyes and looks so cool! I have a large table lamp which is marble from Italy. A table lamp version was also made.

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Lamps Antique lamps span a broad spectrum, including well known-styles like Victo…. They were also made in green, blue, and perhaps other colors.

Siamese Cat Lamps

There were numerous cat TV lamps produced, primarily Siamese cats, which were extremely popular in the s. Just about all of the major potteries produced. Sep 26, I've waited a long time to add this unique blue-eyed siamese cats lamp to my collection. It was designed by Leland Claes (), and. A TV lamp doesn't have a shade like a normal lamp, there's a bulb . Siamese cats were very popular in the 50s, that exotic theme again.
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Molly - Age: 24
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There were so many TV lamps made. The light socket is not the original one.

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The majority of their production was traditional table lamps. While cats were a frequent subject of TV lamps, seldom were they given the abstract treatment seen in this example from Miramar. It is a mottled cream color on a dark brown base. One gentleman was the care taker and kept it clean and standing. Here's the Miramar marking on the back of the planter.
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Mischief - Age: 19
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I have about to TV lamps in all shapes and sizes.
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Vintage Siamese Cats TV Lamp Vintage Lane and Co Siamese Cat TV Lamp, Mid Century Cat Lamp, Pottery Cat Lamp. Vintage Ceramic Big Eyes Siamese Cat Lamp by Kron 13" Mama and kitten s TV lamp Glowing Eyes. Vintage // Double Siamese Cat TV Lamp, Nightlight, Ceramic with Blue. Kron lamp with two Siamese cats, ceramic, United States, s; marked on reverse and bottom. Dimensions: /2"H x /2"W x /4"D. Sep 26, I've waited a long time to add this unique blue-eyed siamese cats lamp to my collection. It was designed by Leland Claes (), and.
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