Kitten not gaining weight

While caring for your infant kitten, be sure to keep her warm and dry. Apr 18, 8. You may also want to add some Nutri-cal. If that is all you kitten not gaining weight offering then you need to significantly up the amount of food available. Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.
Munchkin - Age: 29
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7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Growing Kitten Eating Right

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Reseal, refrigerate and use again within three to four days. He may recommend a high-calorie replacement gel.

10 Week Old Kitten Not Gaining Weight

We need more information about your kittens! How old are they, how much do they weigh, what are they consuming, what's their health history?. We took home our new kitten 2 weeks ago being told she was 8 1/2 weeks old. The vet said she was younger (about 7 1/2) as she only. Okay newbie cat mom here. I have 3 other cats but this is the first time I'm hand rearing such a tiny kitten. I've had him for 6 days now.
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Daisy - Age: 18
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Jumping and climbing also engages the largest muscles in the body, maximizing exercise and fitness. Always in my heart, my lovely Cinderella, running free at the Bridge.

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Observe the kittens to make sure each is latching on and nursing. Sarthur2 , Margret and StefanZ purraised this. I'm so very sorry for your loss. We cleaned him up but he still stunk very bad near his butt. Nutrical is as I understand it, mostly to give extra karbos.
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Tiger - Age: 31
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If your kitten isn't nursing, or is an orphan, her survival will depend on your intervention.
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Help your underweight cat gain weight with just a few easy additions. Kitten Food is Good for Thin Cats of All Ages While canned food may not always have higher calories than dry food, the smell and taste may encourage your cat to eat. Our kitten Jeeves is not gaining weight and cries constantly until we hold him. Last week he was playing and was energetic but hasn't played. Okay newbie cat mom here. I have 3 other cats but this is the first time I'm hand rearing such a tiny kitten. I've had him for 6 days now.
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