The cat from outer space full movie

Edmund resides, with three orphans and her butler Priory is the resting place for a hoard of treasure. It has a very plain story about the military securing a flying saucer, and a cat who needs help from humans the cat from outer space full movie get back to his home planet. John Alderson as Mr. View All Photos 1. Create Account Learn More. This is one of the many cat movies from Disney, but it' not the best, in fact it may be the worst.
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In the final scene, Jake is allowed to stay on Earth as a representative of an off-world "friendly power", with Jake applying for and being granted United States citizenship.

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The Cat from Outer Space

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The Cat from Outer Space

This Disney sci-fi comedy is appropriate for the whole family. . ol Disney provides a movie about a talking, telekinetic Cat from outerspace?. The Cat from Outer Space is a American science fiction comedy film starring Ken Berry, The Cat from Outer Space. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The result was this family film in which the Earth receives the latest in a long The Cat from Outer Space was shot at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch and in.
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Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Ring in the New Year by celebrating Hollywood's past in a quintet that includes That's Entertainment , its two sequels Part March 19, Rating:

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Rick Hurst as Dydee Guard. When producers decided his voice was too recognizable, his human lines were dubbed by an unknown actor. Ronnie Schell supplied Jake's voice and played a small role. Ken Berry as Frank. Articles lacking in-text citations from November All articles lacking in-text citations. Yet this was and we had to settle for Jake being "telepathic" and looking in vaguely the right direction.
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Dolby Digital Mono Sound. Disney's executives thought well enough of him to give him a co-producer credit on The Cat from Outer Space Writer Ted Key was best known as the creator of the Hazel cartoon that ran weekly in the Saturday Evening Post from until the magazine ceased publication in , at which point the cartoon was syndicated to newspapers. Movies I need to watch.
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The Cat from Outer Space () Alan Young in The Cat from Outer Space ( ) Harry Morgan in The Cat from . See full technical specs» This movie is the reason we named our cat "Jake" not because of his looks, but because of his. The Cat From Outer Space: Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Harry Morgan, Roddy STREAM ANYTIME with Prime Video from $ - $ Cosmic comedy is on the prowl when an extraterrestrial cat named Jake is forced to crash-land his spaceship on Earth. Jake then proceeds to lead a physicist.
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