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Love that color, so chocolate brown kitten BLUE - May have tabby markings when a kitten, but usually those disappear as the adult coat develops. In many breeds, coat gene mutations are unwelcome. Cinnamon is a lighter reddish brown. With intermediate amounts of white, a cat may exhibit a calico pattern, a tortie pattern, or something in between, depending on other epigenetic factors. Those small differences will make the cat a shaded tortie or shell tortie, chocolate brown kitten a shaded silver or chinchilla silver.
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Reminds me of a Burmese. Views Read Edit View history.

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Cat coat genetics - Wikipedia

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Colors may not be fully developed until 1 year. CREAM - Kittens are often born with faint tabby markings which usually disappear with the adult coat at about 9 months. Smoke, Shaded and Tipped Cats".

Cat coat genetics

Discover ideas about Chocolate Cat. In This site you can search all pets breed information,cute cats,cute dogs,cute puppies and kittens picture etc. Chocolate. sleeping cat - advantage for cats - kitty cats - what kind of cat do i have - why cats are better than dogs - pics of cats - cat health - cat at work - funny cats picture. A young non-smoke cat has a kitten coat that is often a lot lighter than the base color of A chocolate point has cinnamon pink, the seal point has seal brown.
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All red cats are red tabby with tabby markings either very obvious tabby or very faint red. Her whiskers are brown. I told her foster Mom to be prepared for lots of applications once she hits petfinder!

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But maybe, since this is so rare, we have a group of barn cats that have this DNA variant and perhaps some others are brown too! Based on this information, is there a way to tell what her parents may have looked like, and what craziness was going on in her genetics that caused her to be brown? However, there is no golden smoke, because the combination of wide band and nonagouti simply produces a solid cat. I'm curious about these things, so now I'm wondering how my little brown kitten came to be. Smoke - Often difficult to tell from solid color kittens except that smokes sometimes have white around the eyes and a paler stomach.
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Contact Us Advertise Cat Forum: The greyer undercoat is less desirable to fanciers. Other names include yellow, ginger, and marmalade.
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A young non-smoke cat has a kitten coat that is often a lot lighter than the base color of A chocolate point has cinnamon pink, the seal point has seal brown. Cat coat genetics affect the coloration, pattern, length, and texture is a complex subject, and Chocolate is a rich brown color, and is referred to as chestnut in some breeds. Cinnamon is a lighter .. would cause. After birth, over some weeks the silver fur is replaced naturally by fur colored according to the kitten's genetics. Chubby chocolate brown kitten sits and poses for a picture. Download this high- resolution stock photo by Jill Chen from Stocksy United.
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