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We have acquired our breeding felines from lineage with very low or no genetic health risks. HollywoodSphynx Welcome to HollywoodSphynx!!! Shipping via Continental's Pet Safe program. Prices may vary depending on kennel cat breeders california. Contact me today for your next fur baby.
Chloe - Age: 23
Price - 163$

Polydactyl, American Bobtail, Manx. Shipping via Continental's Pet Safe program. We are very proud!

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Barsadolls Ragdolls — Beautiful Loving Ragdoll kittens.

Siberian Beauty Home

The breeders you find listed here are all TICA members and have voluntarily to thousands of exhibitors on every continent and cat lovers around the world!.  There's a lot of great breeders out there what's. NO WILD CATS ARE ALLOWED IN CALIFORNIA, without a permit. Our kittens are. Trying to buy a Balinese kitten or cat in California? Click here to see our listings of every Balinese cat breeder near you.
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Jasper - Age: 29
Price - 77$

My husband and I decided to start our own lil' house cattery. Amour Sphynx Cattery Sphynx.

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Domestic Wild Cats - WE have many colors: We produce top quality kittens from SGC lines. CFA, cageless, health guarantee Persian. Kittens are raised underfoot, great care is given to properly socialize and prepare each kitten for new homes. Age appropriate vaccinations and vet checked.
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Pandora - Age: 30
Price - 146$

Siberian Cats California — We are a home-based cattery specializing in the California market. Amour Sphynx Cattery Sphynx.
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Trying to buy a Balinese kitten or cat in California? Click here to see our listings of every Balinese cat breeder near you. California cat breeders, California kittens for sale, kittens for sale in California. Locating in Palm Desert,California. When contacting a cat breeder you come to them Cat breeders are not garage sales or auction house.
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