Cats that enjoy water

The friendly and inquisitive LaPerm cats that enjoy water an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. He is so funny! With a long history as swimmers, Turkish Vans adapted to their climate in the Lake Van region of Turkey by growing a thick, full coat in the winter and shedding its hair in the summer to swim and fish. The Maine Coon boasts a dense, water-repellent coat that comes in many colors and patterns. Cats that enjoy water given half a chance, he will happily join you in the bath or shower. My Caster is a Maine Coon — or so we think.
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My Caster is a Maine Coon — or so we think.

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8 Cat Breeds that Love Water

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A potential downside to having a breed that loves the water? Playful Turkish Angoras , like their cousins the Turkish Vans, are real water babies.

Cat Breeds That Actually Like Water

Curious why your cat recoils at the touch of water? South Boston Animal Hospital explains why some kitties like the water more than others. “Whether cats like or love the water is a matter of how they're raised as kittens,” she said. “If they're bathed early, it makes a big difference and. Most cats are fascinated by running water even if they don't want to play in it — but some cats not only tolerate water, they enjoy getting wet. We've got the.
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While the Sphynx requires regular interaction with the water to keep their oily skin in check, exposing any breed of cat to water from an early age on will help them be more comfortable around it, Miller said. Have a point of view to share?

3. Turkish Van

Watch out if you have an aquarium! Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? Larry Johnson via Larry Johnson Burmese The mellow personality of the Burmese allows them to do well with water and a bath, Miller said. Find a Veterinarian Near My Caster is a Maine Coon — or so we think. In addition to their love for the water, the Turkish Van also enjoys playing games and is social with other animals and people.
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But that isn't the American Bobtail's only doglike behavior. Shaggy, strong, sweet and large, the Maine Coon has earned its nickname: Thank you for subscribing.
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It's widely accepted that cats don't like water, but these swimming, splashing and bathing felines prove that's not always the case. “Whether cats like or love the water is a matter of how they're raised as kittens,” she said. “If they're bathed early, it makes a big difference and. You may have heard that cats don't like water. Of course, until recently, you probably assumed cats wouldn't like scaling rock faces or zooming.
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