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I really favour either a golden retriever or a Labrador puppy but have a concern over gun dogs as they might shoot my cat as they are are proficient in the use of firearms. She's just hound dogs and cats dork and doesn't fit in. Be sure to supervise them at first to make sure the cats are not picking on the puppy. RH, doxies are not usually the best dogs with cats. An exceptional problem solver and popular show breed, Australian Cattle Dogs need a job at hound dogs and cats to keep them out of trouble, Peterson also explained. Not all cats like each other, but tolerance is all that is expected of them.
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I just wanted to say that I have four dogs- all different breeds- and my jack Russell absolutely LOVES the cats, she tries to kiss them every chance she can-though normally the cats want nothing to do with it.

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9 Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats - BarkPost

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Basset hounds get along well with cats.

10 Dog Breeds that Do Not Get Along Well with Cats

Hoping your next dog will want to keep your kitty company? The smallest of the hounds, the Dachshund — at least, the miniature version. When introducing a dog and cat for the first time, take it slow. Basset hounds tend to be lazy relaxed, so they will most likely be apathetic to feline siblings. 8. Here are five great dog breeds that like cats, as well as three cat breeds that do This small scent hound was originally bred to be a hunter, but.
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They will kill prey, but have them off leash and they are more than likely to take off. The cat towered over him.

Best Dogs for a Cat to Have

Enjoyed your hub a lot, voted up and shared. They get along very well with each other. Puck is the grumpiest, and he's pretty tolerant, for an olde codger ;]. Love the video on the boxer and cat. I've got three pit bulls who know to ignore the cat but they are not left unsupervised with her, nor should any dog for safety. The Maine Coone, Siberian, or Ragdoll may be able to handle it, but with those breeds, and so many dogs, I really doubt it. If you already have a cat and introduce the dog when still a puppy, there should be no problems.
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Interesting hub and waaaayy cute pictures--we have a dog which is part hound and she alerts to cats, but not always Neil Lockhart via Shutterstock.
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Dogs that are good with cats — find out which breeds you should be And the sighthounds of the Hound Group are hardwired for a chase. When introducing a dog and cat for the first time, take it slow. Basset hounds tend to be lazy relaxed, so they will most likely be apathetic to feline siblings. 8. Hound Dog + Cat - W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California - Rated based on 51 Reviews "Love this place! Karena and the entire staff are warm.
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