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Ruddy abyssinian cat came about from the accidental crossbreeding of Abyssinians and Siamese breeds. Let the cat shake their head, then wipe the ear clean with a cotton swab or paper towel. Choosing the right kitten food. To start your search, check out the National Ruddy abyssinian cat Cat Rescuealong with other respected Abyssinian rescue groups. Choosing the right dog food. Select Dog or Cat.
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Linc, a sex-linked red male Helmi Flick Cat Photography.

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Abyssinian Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

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Although a playful kitten sounds endearing, consider how many games of chase the mouse-toy you want to play each day, and whether you have kids or other animals who can stand in as playmates. However, to encourage them to drink more, especially when they are fed mostly dry food, always keep a clean bowl of fresh water available for your cat.


The six- to pound, moderately vocal cat stands out for his ticked coat, which comes in a bevy of colors, including a reddish ruddy, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, . Read about the Abyssinian cat breed including facts, history, personality traits, and what it's like to live with one. Colors: Ruddy, Red, Blue, Fawn, Cinnamon. Abyssinians are one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds, and they still grace The 4 main colors of the coat are ruddy, red, blue and fawn.
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Level of activity often exhibited.

Did You Know?

Wonder which dog or cat best fits your lifestyle? They often love to play fetch and will bring you a favorite toy to throw for them over and over again. Our ratings are generalizations, and they're not a guarantee of how any breed or individual cat will behave; cats from any breed can be good with children based on their past experiences and personality. British and Dutch traders may well have brought the cats from ports such as Calcutta, India, or the islands of Indonesia. The breed itself was extremely popular and Abyssinian cats were soon being bred throughout Europe and in the United States and Canada. The female kittens get one X gene from the sire non-sex-linked-red and one from the queen can be sex-linked red or not and therefore can also be torbie or a "black" color. A ticked coat has alternating light and dark bands of color on each hair shaft.
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They have alert, relatively large pointed ears.
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An introduction to the Abyssinian breed. This ruddy ticked cat was purchased around from a supplier of small wild cat exhibits and labeled by the. The six- to pound, moderately vocal cat stands out for his ticked coat, which comes in a bevy of colors, including a reddish ruddy, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, . A love of heights is a signal trait of the Abyssinian. He likes to be as high up as possible and will appreciate having one or more ceiling-height cat trees.
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